Artist Spotlight: Andy Lin

Today we feature Andy Lin, photographer. We are thrilled to have Andy on board on this project – he will be installing his Self-Portrait Project at Here Now, allowing customers, artists, and visitors to tell their own story of the space, through photography.

Here Now: Andy Lin

Here Andy describes the Self-Portrait Project in greater detail:

“The Self-Portrait Project is a work-in-progress that seeks to capture the zeitgeist of New York City and beyond. It is essentially a glorified photobooth utilizing a large, two-way mirror, with a camera set up on the transparent side and the participant located on the mirror side. Using a remote trigger & the mirror’s reflection, the participant chooses how and when to shoot him/herself.

In the simple act of letting the model be photographer, the dynamic of the photo changes – as does the energy – and therefore the final image. Giving someone who is accustomed to having their picture “taken” the opportunity to document their own likeness under their own terms produces images that address issues of vanity and insecurity, empowerment and self-awareness, superficiality and substance. As the photographer *and* model, you are wholly responsible for the images you create of yourself.

The Self-Portrait Project begins with a metaphorical premise: that to catalyze a positive and healing intertia in the world, one must first see one’s self honestly in the mirror and then, to take responsibility for what one sees.”

To see images from Andy Lin’s Self-Portrait Project, click here.

Each day brings more exciting work and artists to our project – and we continually thank you all for your support and your interest in Here Now!


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